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World-class foam processing

At Polyfoam, we are characterized by outstanding workmanship, state-of-the-art methods and maximum precision. Our expertise and commitment make us a leading company in foam processing. What makes us special?

Our production processes guarantee exact tolerances, especially when splitting blocks and panels. With super-precise production parameters, we ensure maximum precision and quality. We also offer impressive scaling options to ensure consistent accuracy even with large production volumes.

Our lamination and welding processes are characterized by exceptional cleanliness and precision. This enables us to produce high-quality, multi-colored panels and block sheets that are precisely tailored to our customers’ requirements.

The continuous modernization of our machinery ensures that we always work with the latest technologies. This enables us not only to increase the efficiency of our production processes, but also to develop innovative solutions for complex requirements.

At Polyfoam, we rely on comprehensive feasibility studies and targeted solution finding. Your ideas are analyzed by our experienced team and implemented in feasible, cost-efficient solutions. Our expertise and technical know-how enable us to successfully realize even the most challenging projects.

Thanks to our in-depth expertise and our ability to deliver quickly, we are able to respond flexibly to our customers’ needs. This makes us a reliable partner who always meets the highest quality standards.

Find out more about our outstanding manufacturing expertise and let us convince you of our quality and precision.

"If you have any questions about our production options, I will be happy to answer them."

"If you have any questions about our production options, I will be happy to answer them."

Nico Langner