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The rail and transportation industry requires durable and reliable materials to ensure safety and efficiency. Polyfoam offers special foam products that contribute to vibration damping, insulation and safe load carriers. Our products ensure the safe transportation of goods and help to reduce noise and vibrations, which supports smooth and efficient logistics.

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We see ourselves as a specialized solution provider and enabler for every type of challenge and requirement relating to the further processing of foam. Do you have a specific query or need advice? Talk to us! We are here for you.

Developing the best possible solution for our customers is what drives us. This goes hand in hand with the individual design and the resulting production of prototypes.

Specializing in the processing of PE foam, PU foam, cellular rubber and special qualities, our experience, know-how and modern machinery enable us to manufacture products that require high-precision production. Our structure and resources allow us to offer a wide range and scale.

Thanks to a precisely planned use of materials and resources, we are able to produce as gently as possible. We are constantly on the lookout for potential improvements and ways to act even more effectively and minimize the consumption of materials. We are already able to cover part of our energy requirements from renewable energies and, thanks to continuous investment, the demand for electricity, gas and water is constantly falling. Together with our partners, we recycle 100% of our recyclable foams and bring them back into the process for further applications. Non-recyclable materials are processed and recycled by certified and audited waste management companies. As Polyfoam, we are part of the “team” that takes care of the environment. We will only be successful if the entire team, the global population, uses limited resources carefully. We all have an influence on what happens to our planet!

We are personally available to you as a team and turn your challenge into our project. Talk to us!

"If you have any questions about our markets, I am happy to help."

"If you have any questions about our markets, I am happy to help."

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